Leslie Kland


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Leslie became a civil engineer by default. She grew up in a household of artists and compassionate nurses. She knew she would never follow in those footsteps. Her passion for math early on led her to sign up for a summer school math class in the third grade. Little did she realize, it was for students who needed extra tutoring with math. The teacher set Leslie and three other little boys up playing black jack all summer so he could focus on the other students.

At San Diego State University, Leslie applied to the Aerospace department (1st choice), Computer Science ( 2nd choice), and Civil Engineering (3rd choice). All is well that ends well. Leslie has been a Civil Engineer for over 30 years and has specialized in commercial site development.

Prior to joining HILGARTWILSON, Leslie owned her own firm for 17 years. Her extensive knowledge of site development and attention to detail provides quality and cost effective designs. On more than one occasion, Leslie has been called the bull dog of engineers, sometimes with fondness and sometimes not. We are just glad she didn’t become a nurse.


  • Professional Engineer Arizona – 31695


  • American Society of Civil Engineers, Member
  • American Council of Engineering Companies, Member


  • Commercial Development
  • Multi-Family Development
  • Higher Education
  • Parks and Trailheads


  • Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon
  • Parc Midtown, Phoenix, AZ
  • Elevation Central, Phoenix, AZ
  • Gateway Access, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Broadstone Waterfront, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Acero Val Vista, Gilbert, AZ