GIS Analyst

HILGARTWILSON is looking for a GIS Analyst who will be responsible for collecting and inputting data into GIS software from a variety of sources to create exhibits, maps, and reports. This role requires a demonstrated proficiency of GIS terms and software and map reading, plus Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, and Google Earth. This role also requires possessing effective communication skills and showing proficiency with time management.


The position will be responsible for compiling, manipulating, and analyzing geospatial data and designing, developing, and maintaining databases and systems of GIS data. You will create reports, maps, and static and dynamic visualizations conveying results and analyses. You may create applications for data collection and retrieve and synthesize data collected from GPS, tablets, or other field data. In addition, you should have a solid understanding of coordinate systems and projections. You should be adept to implement and refine GIS standards and workflows. Ideally, you would be able to organize, prepare, and maintain web-based mapping applications for internal and/or client use. This position will support the environmental/permitting and planning teams regularly and will collaborate with and support engineering teams. As your level of experience grows, additional job duties and responsibilities will be given.

Typical Duties

  • Assist with formulating and reviewing GIS plans.
  • Download, convert, and upload GIS data available from internal and external sources to make them usable.
  • Perform GIS data quality control, including reviewing data for completeness and accuracy; identifying and correcting errors or omissions in the data.
  • Catalog and inventory GIS data; maintain effective metadata.
  • Input, update and maintain GIS databases, including backups and also maintaining linkages to other databases.
  • Perform GIS spatial analyses.
  • Develop new applications and train others in the use of these applications.
  • Utilize GIS techniques to understand variables in a given geographic area.
  • Extract data from GIS software and use varying analysis methods to arrive at results.
  • Create maps and graphics to depict inter-related data in a way that draws attention to a range of information.
  • Create map layouts and views, and generate maps and reports.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Geography or related field, with training in GIS technology; 2-5 years of experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability in GIS software, plus Acrobat, Word, Excel and Access, and Google Earth.
  • Knowledge of AutoCAD.
  • Skill in reading and interpreting plans, specifications, and contract documents.
  • Displayed analytical and quantitative skills.

Compensation and Benefits

  • This is a full-time position, with general hours being Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Some extra hours may be required, and there may be some on-call hours that will apply.
  • The compensation will be commensurate with experience. HILGARTWILSON provides a benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, 401k, and annual bonus.
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